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Mobile Green Wash is an eco-friendly mobile car wash service serving the Northern New Jersey and New York City areas. We bring a high quality car wash service to your own home, work or wherever you park your vehicle. At Mobile Green Wash, not only will your car be clean, so will your conscience because we are 100% waterless, using only the finest organic, biodegradable products to clean, shine and protect your car's exterior. None of our products contain any fragrances, dyes, phosphate or abrasive agents. You can expect much higher quality than a quick drive-thru car wash without the price of a high end detailing shop. You can feel confident that your vehicle will be handled with care, detail and respect because our trained associates custom hand wash every vehicle. Fully licensed and insured. Check out our many affordable services and options, discounts given for referrals and revolving services.

Mission Statement

Mobile Green Wash takes pride in the fact that we provide vehicle owners an affordable, convenient alternative to traditional drive-through car washes which can grind the dirt into your paint besides leaving water marks and the do-it-yourself driveway wash which is time consuming and can damage local waterways with toxic run-off. We are only satisfied when our customers are happy and use us again for their next wash. We operate on word of mouth referrals, so we have to make sure we satisfy every time. We leave your car and conscience clean.

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(last update: Jan 2010)

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