Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you wash without water?

Mobile Green Wash uses patented natural formulas that can be used on the complete exterior of your car. The organic light soap and surfactants dissolve much of the harmful dirt on contact while special polymers wrap around any remaining particles in a lubrication film to protect from scratching. We clean off the dirt with only the thickest micro-fiber towels and the surface is then buffed with a second micro-fiber towel, resulting in a great finish.

What is the advantage to using Mobile Green Wash?

Never have to worry about finding or waiting at the car wash again. Simply reserve a time and date that is most convenient to have your car washed and we come to the car without you having to be there or even leave your keys. Most importantly, using us to clean your car is eco-friendly. Did you know that traditional wash methods will use 80 to 140 gallons of water at home and 40 to 80 gallons of water at a commercial carwash? We use no water; nothing is left behind except a car that will look better than any car wash's job, guaranteed.

Will it scratch my car?

Absolutely NOT!!!!!! The Mobile Green Wash process is completely scratch-free. Since we hand wash every car, there will never be any brush, swirl or water marks left behind either. The surfactants (soaps) in our formula help lift the dirt and suspend it from the car's finish. A layer of polymers will remain on the car after the contaminants have been wiped away, leaving a silky smooth finish. We use only plush microfiber towels because of the tiny 'scoops' each towel has in its strands. These safely encapsulate dirt and prevent scratching/marring. There is no heavy pressure applied when toweling off the soil, we wipe in a soft motion over the car's finish. If there is a stubborn spot, we simply re-apply formula, leaving a polished and protected surface.

How long will it take to waterless car wash a vehicle?

This depends on several factors: size of the car, dirtiness and amount of services requested. Listed below are the time estimates on our car washing services:

  • Compact:    25 minutes
  • Mid-sized:   35 minutes
  • Large SUV:  45 minutes

What if I have a car that is extremely dirty (mud, salt, sand)?

To eliminate any risk of marring or scratching your vehicle's finish, we will not attempt to service heavily soiled cars. We also take pride in leaving nothing behind to show your vehicle was washed, including any type of run-off or dirt on the ground. If it does not wipe off in our microfiber towels easily, it's not for us to do.

An option is to run the car thru a regular car wash and knock off the heavy soils. You can then follow-up with a Mobile Green Wash to shine and protect the surface against heavy build-up again.

Do you service other vehicles besides cars?

Yes, from motorcycles to small aircraft, just contact us for more information.

What makes Mobile Green Wash "green"?

In today's society we are seeing a lot of buzz words thrown into the marketplace. With limited regulation it is difficult for consumers to determine what to believe. We consider our company to be environmentally-friendly on several levels:

  • We don't waste Earth's most precious resource, water. Our solutions mist on and wipe off, no rinsing
  • We don't use power tools, no electricity wasted on washes
  • We use only bio-degradable, natural products

Where can I get a Green Wash?

We are totally mobile so we come to you! A Mobile Green Wash can be done anywhere - in a car park, on the street, at your home or even where you work. Simply click Schedule my Wash and fill out the form.

What do you need from me when you come out to clean my car?

Absolutely nothing, leave your vehicle locked with the windows up. Just make sure there is enough room for us to work all around the exterior.

I have paint protection; will a Green Wash mobile affect it?

A Mobile Green Wash will actually enhance your paint protection. All our products have been tested with paint protection.

My car has window tinting, is that ok?

Absolutely! Our glass treatment is completely window tint friendly.

I have noticed some faint residues on my paint and windows. What is it?

It's only a little polish residue that can be rubbed off with a clean cloth.

What if it rains just after my car has been Green Washed?

Because a Mobile Green Wash doesn't just wash, it also polishes and protects your car, when it rains the water will bead off the surface of your car. Just grab a chamois and wipe away the water droplets – your car is protected and still looks great.

How often should my car be Green Washed?

Depending on how often you use your car, we recommend a Mobile Green Wash every to 2 – 3 weeks. Regular Mobile Green Washes protects your car and keeps it looking cleaner, longer.

Do you clean engine bays?

No for 2 reasons. Firstly, today's cars are very complicated and we don't recommend spraying water in your engine bay in case your car's electronics are damaged - a qualified mechanic should do this. Secondly, our service is environmentally friendly so we don't use water.

Do you clean interiors?

No, because we want to be an eco-friendly alternative to a drive-thru car wash or doing it yourself in a driveway. Also, for convenience sake, you don't have to be on-site for the wash, just leave your car as normal and come back to it cleaned and polished for the world to see.

I've noticed that my car has 'feather like' scratches in the paintwork - what causes these?

Spraying a car with water only removes some of the superficial dirt, but small particles of dirt remain adjacent to the surface of the paint. Rubbing a sponge or a chamois over your paint actually grinds this dirt into your paint - this is what causes "feather scratches".

Most cars have feather scratches when they have been cleaned using traditional water washing methods. A Mobile Green Wash uses an exclusive polymer compound that encapsulates the dirt and lubricates the panel so that we can remove the dirt with our cleaning cloth without scratching. Regular Green Washing not only makes any feather scratches less visible, the protective coating applied during the Mobile Green Wash process actually reduces the damage that dirt, and even traditional water washing, can do to your paint for up to 6 weeks. We also offer scratch repair for those deep scratched in your outer coating.

My car's just been Green Washed. It is so clean and shiny. What do I do now?

Relax; enjoy the ride in your clean and protected car. Feel good, not only have you saved water for the things that really matter, you've also got more time to do the things you really like to do!

Do you use power sprayers or aerosol?

No, we use just hand pump spray bottle, no electricity or fluorocarbons