North Jersey's 1st and only certified eco-friendly mobile vehicle washing, on-site and on-demand for about the same price as those commercial washes.

Mobile Green Wash has perfected an effortless way to clean and maintain your vehicle's exterior. Meet our three Cs:


No more looking for car washes or spending time waiting in lines, we come to your car during its idle time wherever it's parked. No need to do anything to prepare, you don't even leave your keys. Simply fill out the order form online - you'll come back to a clean and polished car whenever you want

Customer Service:

You tell us the time and place, we conform to your busy schedule and provide a high quality hand wash with many additional exterior services. We guarantee a more gentle, cleaner result than any traditional drive-through can possibly deliver, at a comparable price. You are always just a phone call or click away from customized car care.


Our patented natural products clean, polish and protect your car's finish without using Earth's most vital resource: fresh water. All of our formulas are completely bio-degradable with no impact on the environment, absolutely no runoff to pollute ground waters, and no electricity is even used.

How it works:

Our process was created to make your car washing experience the most convenient and best as possible, all while protecting our local environment.

  1. Fill out the Order Form on this site to let us know where to wash your car and when, plus choose any additional services desired. There is a choice to pay via Paypal or arrange for us to collect payment at your convenience. (sorry, we do not accept Credit Cards at this time).
  2. Get a confirmation email detailing the time and place of the wash and services requested.
  3. Make sure your vehicle is in the location submitted to us during the hours you requested. Leave it locked, do NOT leave your keys. Your car never moves but make sure there is enough room to work around the whole vehicle.
  4. Come back to a shiny, clean car and drive away feeling good you made a difference.

There will be nothing left behind to show your car was washed, not even a puddle on the ground! We are flexible enough to even respond to requests within four hours. We will only collect payments for services rendered, so if you have to reschedule for any reason, it's not a problem. Continuing service/maintenance specials are available as are referral bonuses. We also have gift cards available for that friend who is always too busy to clean their own car.

Please Note: Our services work best on light to moderately dirty vehicles. We will not attempt to clean excessively soiled, muddy or caked-on surfaces including hard snow or ice for fear of scratching or damaging anything on your vehicle.

Five Dollar BillEarn a $5 credit for every friend you refer to us. The more people you refer, the more you save!