Hand Wash and Shine


Hand Wash all exterior panels and bumpers including side mirrors and windows using our patented plant based soap/ surfactant/ special polymer formulas to clean, polish, and protect the finish. It also leaves a hard film that provides gloss, color enhancement, and smoothness that conventional car washes fail to deliver. Since our products are all water-based, they can be used on either wet or dry surfaces which means your car can be cleaned even while it's raining.
(Our services are not for heavily soiled vehicles with caked on mud, dirt, sand, hard snow, or ice . Thin layers of dirt only)

Wash with Wax


Hand wash and wax using our special combination of waxes, sealants, polymers, soaps, surfactants, lubricating agents, non-abrasive pumice and UV inhibitors. We use the finest Brazilian Carnauba Wax which in its pure form is harder than concrete and Organic Kaolin Clay to remove pollutants and smooth the finish. Your paint will be clean down to the clear coat with a deep gloss finish plus long lasting protection against UV sun damage and environmental elements.

Tire Treatment


Clean the rims and tires plus treat outside walls to a high shine. Our water-based, solvent and VOC free formula (recommended by tire manufactures) of emulsifiers and protectants also guard against UV and Ozone damage, keeping your tires cleaner, longer with no slinging issues
(Cleaning for outside of the tires only, tires with caked on mud, dirt or sand can not be serviced. Wheel wells are not cleaned for this service )

Window Shield


Clean all your exterior windows and coat them using our new glass treatment which dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility by repelling rain, sleet, and snow. Also helps to easily remove frost, ice, salt, mud and bugs. This repellent and treatment lasts an average of 2-3 months.

Scratch/Swirl Mark Removal


We have a remarkable compound that can actually repair and remove light to moderate scratches and swirl marks in addition to any oxidation on your vehicle, rather than just covering them up. Can be used on any painted surface, even metallic.
(Scratches that penetrate the clearcoat layer and expose the primer or metal underneath must be repainted. No charge if scratch is still obvious)

Larger vehicles like SUVs, Pickups, Minivans - add $7.00

Call 201-888-WASH or contact us regarding other types of vehicle and service requests.

If any of our services can not be performed to our standards, we will call you from on-site and not charge for the service.